New in Askvoll

New in Askvoll? On this page you will find information about schools, health services, work opportunities and other important information as a citizen in Askvoll kommune

About Askvoll Municipality:

Askvoll is a municipality in Vestland county, located in the traditional district of Sunnfjord. The administrative centre is the village of Askvoll. The municipality has 3,027 inhabitants (2019) and covers an area of 326 square kilometres. Askvoll is built up of many small communities widely spread , stretching from the south shore of Førdefjorden in the east to the island of Bulandet in the west.

An express boat service between the city of Bergen and Selje offers a comfortable means of travel to passengers wishing to make a journey by sea to and from Askvoll. There is also a connecting bus to Førde, our nearest town. There are two local ferry routes taking cars and passengers to the islands Værlandet, Bulandet and Atløy. The bridge across the Dalsfjorden connects Askvoll to Fjaler municipality in the South. Førde Airport Bringeland in Sunnfjord municipality is the closest regional airport, which lies approximately 48 kilometres from Askvoll centre. From here flights are operated to the cities of Oslo and Bergen.

Contact information Askvoll municipality

  • Visiting address:
    Town hall ("rådhus") in Askvoll  
    Askvollvegen 426 A
    6980 Askvoll

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays during October - April: 08:00 - 16:00
  • Weekdays during Mai - September: 08:00 - 15:00
  • Postal address: Askvoll kommune, Askvollvegen 426A, 6980 Askvoll
  • Telephone: (+47) 57 73 07 00
  • Telefax: (+47) 57 73 07 01
  • E-mail:
  • Technical department outside office hours: (+47) 97 54 29 54

Health services

For medical help please call:

  • Doctor's office during opening hours (weekdays 08:00 - 16:00): (+47) 57 73 46 00  
  • Doctor's office after office hours and during weekends: 116 117
    This medical on-cal service is a nationwide telephone number. By using this number you will be connected directly with a coordination center, an emergency service practice or a doctor located close to you.
  • Medical emergency rescue service (ambulance): 113

Other emergency numbers:

  • Fire: 110 
  • Police: 112

Finding a personal doctor ("fastlege")

All residents of the municipality are automatically assigned a personal doctor (GP) - a "fastlege" - who provides general medical services, emergency services and house calls when necessary. Personal doctors are obliged to give priority to their own patients. You can change your personal doctor up to two times per year without providing an explanation. Personal doctors are bound by official rules regarding rates, and their prices must be posted in their offices. Please note that you can choose not to have a personal doctor.

To register for a personal doctor, to find out who your or your child's personal doctor is or to change to another doctor please go to the following web site: MinFastlege.
At you can read more about GP scheme.

Medical centre in Askvoll ("Helsehuset")

The main medical centre in the municipality is Askvoll Helsehuset.

  • Address: Prestemarka 1, 6980 ASKVOLL  
  • Opening hours:
    Weekdays during October - April: 08:00 - 16:00
    Weekdays during Mai - September: 08:00 - 15:00

You can make an appointment by telephone 57 73 46 00 or go online to pasientsky

Health clinic ("Helsestasjon")

The municipal health clinic provides:

  • Free health care for children up to age 5.
    All children are examined at regular intervals and provided with vaccinations. In addition, the clinic offers home visits for new-borns, establishment of mother-and-child groups, counselling and specialist referrals. 
  • Youth health care.
    if you are between 12 and 20 years old, you may contact the municipal health clinic if you need information or advice on issues like sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, drugs, family and relationships. Consultation are availiable every Tuesday at from 14:00 to 16:00. You don`t have to make an appointment in advance.
  • Maternity care ("jordmor")
    Maternity care involves regular check ups and counselling, in addition to ultrasound appointments and registration at the hospital. Home birthing is still fairly uncommon in Norway, though there is a growing number of midwives qulified to perform home births. 

The health clinic is located is located in Askvoll helsehuset i Askvoll.
Telephone: 57 73 46 00

Dental care

All children up to the age of 18 have dental care free of charge. There is a 25 per cent discount for 19 and 20-year-olds. 

Contact information

  • Address: Askvoll tannklinikk, Askvollvegen 395,  6980 ASKVOLL
  • Telephone: 57 73 00 40

Nursery schools ("barnehage) in Askvoll:

Askvoll Municipality runs 5 public nursery schools which offer full-time services five days a week.

Click here to find the location of the nursery schools.

How and when to apply?

Askvoll Municipality coordinates the process of applying for placement for all nursery schools.

Your child is legally eligible for placement when it reaches or reached the age of 1 on or before the 31st of August in the year you apply. Children who are offered placement, must be a resident of Askvoll Municipality.

The application deadline is the 1st of March. It is also possible to apply throughout the year and admission runs consecutively whenever there is a vacancy.

Applications should be made via our electronic application center. The application form is in Norwegian.
Any relevant documentation (e.g. statement from a doctor, Child Welfare or other institutions) should be send as a hard copy by post to Askvoll kommune, Askvollvegen 426A, 6980 Askvoll - within the deadline. Mark the envelope "vedlegg til barnehagesøknad".


The maximum price for full-time day care is NOK 2.990 per child per month. An additional fee for food and beverage is applied. There is a discount of 30 % for the second child and 50 % for 3 or more children.

Click here to find the price rates for nursery schools in Askvoll

Primary and secondary schools in Askvoll

Askvoll municipality has 4 schools with approximately 300 pupils:

The Norwegian school system is divided into three levels:

  • Primary school (1st to 7th grade)
  • Secondary school (8th to 10th grade)
  • Upper secondary school (1st to 3rd year)

While the first ten grades of school are a municipal responsibility, Upper secondary school is managed by the county administration. In Askvoll municipality there are no upper secondary schools. The nearast upper secondary school is located in the town of Dale in Fjaler municipality.


All children in Norway registered in the National Registry are automatically given a place at the school in their school district. As a general rule, children start in 1st grade the year they turn 6. As a newcomer, it is important to check that you are registered in the National Registry.

After-school Activity Programme (SFO)

After-school day-care (SFO) is offered to all children from 1st to 4th grade. Children with special needs are offered school day-care from 1st to 7th grade. Applications for SFO should be made via our electronic application center. For further information, please contact the school relevant to you.

School bus service

First-graders who live more than 2 kilometres from their school and children between 2nd and 10th grade who live more than 4 kilometres from school, have the right to bus service to and from school.


If you need help finding work, you may contact NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation). 

Contact information NAV Askvoll

  • Address: Askvoll rådhus (Town hall) - Askvollvegen 426 B, 6980 ASKVOLL
  • Telephone: 55 55 33 33
  • E-mail:
  • Web site: